April 19, 2011

Protection from Falls in the Construction Industry

by Chuck DuBose, Esq.

OSHA Assistant Secretary David Michaels reports that falls are the number one cause of death for workers involved in construction, accounting for more than one-third (actually 34%) of the fatal occupational injuries in construction, ahead of injuries involving being struck by an object, caught-in/between injuries, and injuries involving electrocution. In his statement before Congress last month Assistant Secretary Michaels further reported that nearly half (48%) of all fatal falls in private industry involved construction workers. View the complete transcript of Assistant Secretary Michaels’ statement to Congress: http://www.davidandrosetti.com/newsletter/april11/OSHA_SecretaryMichaels.pdf

On April 8, 2011 OSHA issued Guidelines on Fall Protection in Residential Construction. The new Guidelines issued by OSHA provide safety methods employers can implement during various stages of construction to prevent fall-related injuries and deaths, including anchors for personal fall arrest systems and fall restraints, safety net systems, guardrails, ladders, and scaffolds for activities such as installing roof sheathing, weatherproofing a roof, and installing walls and subfloors, etc. See the OSHA Guidelines on Fall Protection: http://www.davidandrosetti.com/newsletter/april11/OSHA%20Guidelines-Fall%20Protection%20in%20Residential%20Construction.pdf

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