February 10, 2011

State Board of Workers’ Compensation Update

By: David W. Willis, Esq.

Deadline Approaching for Filing the WC-26: March 1, 2011

A WC-26 Consolidated Yearly Report of Medical Only Cases and Annual Payments on Indemnity Claims must be filed with the Board on or before March 1st following each calendar year with respect to all medical and indemnity payments for the previous year for work related injuries. The State Board mandates that a WC-26 be filed annually even if no reportable injuries or payments occurred during the reporting year. For questions or more information please contact a David & Rosetti attorney at 404-446-4488 or you may call the State Board call center at 404-656-3818.

Publishing of Appellate Division Awards

Chairman Rick Thompson recently spoke at the Atlanta Bar Association Worker' Compensation Section luncheon and confirmed that the Board is now publishing Awards issued by the Appellate Division in accordance with O.C.G.A. §34-9-12(b). Chairman Thompson stated that these decisions, while not binding give a window into the Appellate Division’s thinking on relevant and recurrent issues. Appellate decisions are currently available for Awards dating back to October 1, 2009. There are no immediate plans to retroactively publish Awards before that date, mainly because of time, cost and manpower concerns.

To view copies of Awards from the Appellate Division you can visit the State Board at http://sbwc.ga.gov and click on the “Published Awards” section at the top left corner. You can perform a key word search for topics of interest. The Board has taken measures to redact the names of the parties to protect their privacy.

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