January 26, 2011

Administrative Law Judges rotate territories

By Lindy Z. Kerr

Under the administration of Chief Judge Richard S. Thompson, the Board is rotating the Administrative Law Judges’ hearing territories each year. The Board recently released the list of territories for each ALJ for 2011. Notable changes include the rotation of ALJs Hartin, Mason, and Imahara to Atlanta. ALJs Belk, Snow, Fain, and Spalding are no longer hearing cases in Atlanta. ALJ Jocoy was rotated to Laurens County (Dublin), Tift County (Tifton), and surrounding counties. Also, ALJ Bohler left her position in 2010 to go into private practice. Therefore, cases with venue in Glynn County (Brunswick), Ware County (Waycross) and surrounding counties do not have a particular judge assigned until the time of the hearing.

For a comprehensive list of each judge’s territories, please see this document:

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