September 21, 2010

Don't Forget to File Your 4's!

by Chuck Dubose, Esq.

The Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act requires that a number of forms be filed during the course of a claim. One such form is the WC-4 Case Progress Report. It is very important to file a WC-4 at the appropriate time. Board Rule 61 requires that a WC-4 be filed in the following situations:
•in both controverted and accepted claims within 180 days of the first date of disability;
•within 30 days from last payment for closure;
•upon request by the State Board;
•every 12 months from the date of the last filing of a form WC-4 on all open cases;
•to reopen a case;
•within 30 days of final payment made pursuant to an approved stipulated settlement, and
•within 90 days of receipt of an open case by the new third party administrator.
The State Board has become more stringent in issuing penalties upon insurance carriers and self-insured employers who are delinquent in filing WC-4 Case Progress Reports by imposing a $500 penalty per claim. The lesson? Don’t Forget To File Your 4’s!

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