August 11, 2010

Workers are retiring later. Does this mean more work injuries?

By: Christina Bevill, Esq.

Workers are working longer and retiring later. Does this mean more injuries? The Wall Street Journal recently reported that at least ten states were increasing the number of years that state employees had to work before becoming entitled to their full pension. A number of older workers have found that they must go back to work or work longer than they originally planned because their retirement is not worth what it once was before the economy took a turn for the worse.

The mere fact that an employee is working longer does not necessarily mean that he is more likely to have a work accident, but it does mean employers should be cognizant of the conditions that can develop with an aging work force. In Georgia, as in many states, the fact that an employee has non-work related condition(s) does not necessarily preclude those conditions from becoming a work-related problem if such conditions are exacerbated or aggravated at work. Thus, workplace safety should be even more of a focus as the employee workforce continues to age. What do you think?

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