July 31, 2009

Controlling medical costs in workers' compensation claims

As a workers' compensation defense attorney in Georgia I frequently handle claims in which the choice of doctor in a claim has a tremendous impact on the outcome of the claim. In Georgia employers generally have control of the physician-selection process in connection with workers' compensation claims, as long as they post a proper panel of physicians. Georgia law requires a posted panel to include at least six unassociated physicians, including at least one orthopedic, no more than two industrial clinics, and posted panels should include at least one minority physician. Aside from having the proper number and type of doctors listed on the panel, employers should post the panel in prominent places where employees can see the panel, and employers should also take steps to make sure employees understand the purpose of the panel and their rights under the workers' compensation system.

It is important to know the doctors and providers listed on your panel. For more information about this issue or to find specific doctors or providers visit us at www.davidandrosetti.com.

Chuck DuBose, Esq.

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